About Us

Primvis, Inc. is an IT consulting firm which provides consulting services in Process Improvement, Quality Assurance, Training, Staffing, and Professional Management to Cyber Security, Software, IT Services, Healthcare, and Systems Engineering fields to Federal departments and Private organizations.

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CMMI SCAMPI Appraisal Services

Under our Process Improvement Consulting wing, we offer under the authority of…


As a CMMI Partner for CMMI and Professional Evaluation Certification Board (PECB)…

ISO Auditing

Under our Process Improvement Consulting wing we can provide ISO Consulting to…

Process Improvement Consulting

We offer a variety of Process Improvement Consulting Services including CMMI, ISO,…

Federal Services

We have the capabilities to help the Federal government and their vendors…


We provide staffing services which include technical consultants and contractors.


INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Deliver high-quality products and services that meet user needs, on time and under budget.
INCREASE THE PROBABILITY OF CAPTURING NEW & REPEAT BUSINESS: Improve your ability to meet commit- ments, reduce customer-perceived risks, and differentiate yourself from the competition.
INCREASE PROFIT THROUGH IMPROVED QUALITY & LESS REWORK: Improve planning and actual cost & time prediction by capitalizing on organizational infrastructure, processes, training tools, and stakeholder involvement.
INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Improve employee morale, efficiency, and productivity by implementing common processes, tools, training, and process improvement directly tied to key organizational goals and objectives.
DECREASE RISK: Predict and mitigate problems in advance, reducing costs while improving your organization’s performance and ensuring your future success.


Decades of Experience
Tailored Business Solutions
Dozens of Successful Appraisals
Acquired Contracts after Consultation
Since Primvis Inc.’s inception 18 years ago, it has actively served in US and around the world. The staff and consultants of the Primvis Inc., have breadth and depth of experience, expertise, education, training and certifications. They hold Doctoral and Masters degrees in Medicine, Engineering, and other disciplines. Their training and authorization includes Authorized ISO Lead Auditor, ISO trainer, CMMI Trainer, Certified CMMI Lead Appraiser (High Maturity), etc. Their other certifications include CISSP, CEH, Security+, CIPS, CFCP, CICP, Web AS 360, Six Sigma, etc. They have performed hundreds of CMMI Appraisals, hundreds of assessments, hundreds of ISO certifications, hundreds of Penetration Tests, Risk Assessments, ATOs, FISMA audits, etc. Their experience and expertise ranges from IT Services to Data and Call Centers to Network and Security Architecture and Design to software and hardware Development to Process Engineering to Program Management to Control Testing in the Private, Federal Civilian and Military environments. Their client include US and International small and large organizations, US Federal and State Contractors, US DoD Air Force, etc.